2009 m. gruodžio 9 d., trečiadienis



This is my take at Claudia from The Interview with a Vampire movie. Only my Claudia is a speculation of what she might have looked like if she could grow up not having to look like the grown up actress (I personally think she looked so charming as a little girl and I don't like her now at all)
I made this for a friend, she wanted Claudia that could sit in her palm. I hope she will not be mad at me that I didn't make her exact as in the movie.

So she is 25 cm (can easily sit in a palm) Made mostly of paperclay with some aid of epoxy putty. Copper wire for armature, remind me to never ever under any circumstances use it, because it breaks off easily and I had breaking off limbs during the process which really sucked. I also made some other random mistakes, like her arms are bit too long and her face is much off symmetry. So overall it was my first attempt at doing something that small of air drying clay.





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  1. Unė kai pamatė šitą lėlę, niekaip negalėjo nurimti - vis zyzė: ir iš kur žmonės tokį talentą turi:)

  2. *Thank you :)

    *Net nuraudau :) ačiū